Hi I'm Alan Alda. Ask me a Question. I Know all...

" Klinger was about as manly as Beach Bongo Barbie. YES! "
Think of your question. Then:

This site was put together by
the worshipers of Alan Alda.

Alan Alda is the strongest and awesomest person on the planet!
Do NOT anger him, less he smite you!

He is all powerful...
He loves computers.

He once took a trip to the Amazon where he punched a monkey in the throat!
He kicks ass at gaming too!

His XBox 360 Gamerscore is higher than anyone on the planet's.
He's always modding his PC. He tricks out the RAM, motherboard,
and Processor, and is always lookin for any sort of internet deal.

Oh and he loves distressed T-Shirts.

A moose once bit my sister...

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